The police body cam footage shows a side of this woman that is disturbing.  The incident that is just now going viral actually took place at a grocery store in Cleveland on January 18th.  But this whole thing really begins with an executive order from Ohio's governor according to Cleveland 19,

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine issued a statewide mask order in July 2020 requiring all individuals to wear facial coverings at all times in public when social distancing is not possible.

The suspect, 55-year-old Karen Turner from Parma Height, Ohio, could have easily walked away from this incident without trouble many times.  Instead, she kept making it worse for herself over and over.

She started this problem by ignoring the mask mandate and began shouting at people about it.  When employees of Marc's supermarket asked her to leave she refused.  So now she's ignoring the Ohio state law on masks, ignored store policy and she's trespassing and the police haven't even arrived yet.

Once Brook Park police arrived, Karen wasn't even close to slowing down.  When the officers explained that she has to leave the store the suspect questions law enforcement on Federal Laws while filming them with her smartphone.  She didn't seem to understand that regardless of Federal laws, state laws and store policy must be followed too.  She then refused to identify herself.  Could that be because her name is Karen and she is aware of her behavior?  You can see body cam footage of the very calm police officers doing their best to get the situation under control.  Click here to see that footage.

Surprisingly, Karen plead not guilty to resisting arrest, criminal trespassing and failure to disclose information.

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