A delicious crime was thwarted by a Shell station employee.

A 55-year-old woman wore out her welcome at the TrueNorth Shell station in Berea, OH last Saturday Night.  The Shell employee said that this woman has been a problem for a while and that this was the last straw according to Cleveland.com,

The worker said the store had experienced problems with the woman in the past. On May 23, the woman walked into the store, grabbed a burrito and started to walk out without paying.

When the suspect was told she had to pay for the food she attempted to walk out with, she threw it at the employee.  In a confusing turn of events, the would be shoplifter then refused to leave the store and threatened to sue the employee.  For what we are not sure.

Ohio residents have a thing for throwing food apparently.  Just a couple weeks ago we covered a story about a man arrested for assaulting Burger King employees with food.

But wait, there's more.  After the food throwing incident, the suspect then moved his truck in order to block the drive-thru exit so nobody could leave.  The angry food thrower declined to speak with officers and was cited for disorderly conduct.

In the case of the burrito thrower, the angry would be shoplifter wasn't arrested.  However, police told her she was no longer allowed to enter this Shell station.  She agreed to never come back.

No word on where she got her next burrito.

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