Crazy customer incidents are not slowing down at fast food restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You would think with the dining areas of all restaurants closed to help fight the spread of Covid-19, that we would see far fewer stories about angry customers losing their minds and attacking fast food employees.  Well, that's not the case.

For example, on April 29th in North Olmsted, Ohio a Burger King customer was not happy with the taste of his coffee.  So, he did what any poorly raised 2-year-old would do.  He threw a temper tantrum followed by throwing his food at the employee who was working the drive-thru window according to,

The female employee and witnesses told police that a man picked up his food and began screaming at the employee about the quality of the coffee, saying it tasted old. The yelling lasted for more than a minute, then the man threw a bag of food at the employee.

But wait, there's more.  After the food throwing incident, the suspect then moved his truck in order to block the drive-thru exit so nobody could leave.  The angry food thrower declined to speak with officers and was cited for disorderly conduct.

We've all experienced bad service, incorrect orders or some kind of fast food mistake before.  In fact, just yesterday at the KFC on Gull Rd in Kalamazoo I asked for packets of honey with my order.  And for the 5th consecutive visit to that very same KFC, they neglected to give me honey.  It's frustrating.  But I didn't yell at anyone.  It didn't even occur to me to throw my food at them.

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