Police are looking for the Akron bridge bandits while the bridge owners scratch their heads and wonder why it was taken in the first place.

There are a couple of things about this case that seem absolutely bonkers.  For one thing, why steal a 58-foot long footbridge?  My first guess was for scrapping.  But it turns out this bridge holds very little value in the way of recycling.  Is there a huge black market for big footbridges that I'm unaware of?

Then there's the methodical nature of the theft according to Cleveland.com,

On Nov. 3, it was discovered that treated deck boards on the bridge had been removed, police say. On Nov. 11, the entire bridge, which is 10 feet wide and 6 feet high, was missing.

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The pedestrian bridge was originally part of Middlebury Run Park before it was temporarily moved to a nearby field due to a wetlands restoration project.  The thieves went as far as cutting down trees and clearing brush in the field to make dismantling the bridge for theft a little easier.  This bridge may not get the criminals a lot of money, but it cost the city quite a bit according to Fox 8 Cleveland,

The city of Akron had hoped to repurpose the $40,000 bridge, but on November 11, police were notified that the bridge had been stolen.

If you have any information on these bridge bandits, or if someone has tried to sell you a bridge, please contact the Akron police by calling 330-375-2464.

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