A purse for a woman is literally essential.

As men, we have deep pockets to carry everything in, and women either have shallow pockets or no pockets at all. This is why we have seen women adapt and start to carry almost their entire lives in their purses.

Well, that's been a recent progression since the 80's as purses and handbags got bigger and women had more to carry around. Nonetheless, you can find ALL kinds of things within a women's purse, but rule No. 1 as a man: never go in a woman's bag. Thanks, Momma!

Anyway, depending on how long something goes missing it's like a blast from the past. Once you find said item, there's a quick flashback that places you in the time period when this item was the thing to have.

Well, with a purse we could be talking about multiple items, and depending on the time we could be talking about more than flashbacks and more about time capsules.

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In a Canton, Ohio school there was a purse that was lost way back in the 1950s, and after so much time you give up on finding something and either replace it or just move on.

Most people don't expect to get a call YEARS later saying their item was found and will be returned to them. Well, that was the case for the owner of this time capsule purse that was found stuck between a wall and a locker.

Patricia (Rumfola) Michele was the owner of the purse and had all kinds of things in the small handbag. From multiple identifications and membership cards to photos, live productions programs, and so much more was stuffed inside of the purse. I have no clue as to how the purse got stuck between the locker and wall, but it's been returned to its rightful owner and then the contents were shared with the world.

Do you remember having any of these items or something similar? What was the first purse you had stuffed with? What's in your purse now and how does it compare?

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