This guy had no contact with law enforcement until after he went all Tasmanian devil on the police department door.

Have you ever heard the adage, 'nothing good happens after 2 AM?'  Moments like this crazy one caught on video prove that adage to be a factual statement.  A 23-year-old Wooster Ohio man went berserk on the door of the Bellaire Police Department just after 2 AM last Friday morning.  Security video shows the man just going to town on the door for no apparent reason.  The young Ohio man body slams the door, elbows the glass, head butts it, and throws rocks at it.  He would attack the door then walk away, only to come back and do it again.  Over and over and over.

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The Bellaire Police Cheif talked to WTRF about questioning the suspect about why he did this,

Police Chief Dick Flanagan says a tip from the public led them to the suspect, who allegedly watched the video and admitted,” Yeah, that’s me. I do dumb things when I get drunk.”

Although it appears to be a crime of passion, the 23-year-old fighter of doors apparently had no motive whatsoever.  He was just drunk.  The young man was brought in for questioning and admitted to his violent act against the building.  He was charged with felony vandalism to government property and thrown into the slammer.  The suspect allegedly caused nearly $3,000 in damage to the police department entrance.

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