A controversial sign was a good attention-getter. However, it wasn't the attention the restaurant hoped they would receive.

It's no secret that nearly every company in almost any industry is having issues staying fully staffed these days. Santino’s Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio put up a sign to get people's attention. But that attention has been a double-edged sword as the sign reads, "Now Hiring Non-Stupid People."

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One thing that is odd about this controversy is the timing. Santino's put that sign up a couple of months ago with no major fanfare. Then someone posted a photo of the sign on Facebook a little over a week ago and things blew up. As much as people on social media raged against the sign, there were an equal number of people that either found it funny or agreed with the sentiment. The Santino's Pizzeria manager Heather Stockton told WBNS that it was just a simple joke,

It was all supposed to be a joke.  Nothing serious, it was just more of the fact, we kept having an applicant, we'd train them and they'd just walk out.

Many people have shown up to support the restaurant following the sign controversy.  The store manager invites people to come in and judge them by their pizza, not their silly hiring sign.

What do you think about the sign?  Is it a good joke or too far?  Let us know in the comments.

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