An Ohio man shows off his gigantic ball of hair because...Ohio.

A Cambridge, OH hair stylist by the name of Steve Warden has a 4 foot tall ball of hair that he named Hoss.  Hoss weighs in at just over 125 pounds.  Hundreds of people have "donated" their hair to this...thing.

Warden's children used to tell him to collect hair from his hair cuts to create the worlds largest ball of hair for the Ripley's Believe it or Not book according to,

Warden started collecting his clients’ hair at his salon, Blockers. When he’d finish a cut, Warden would sweep their hair into a chute he installed in the floor that was connected to a trashcan in the salon’s basement. Above the chute was a little sign that read “Future Hair Ball Hair.”

So this hair journey began in 2013.  Since then Warden has donated the hair ball to Ripley's and it's one of their most popular exhibits.  But, he didn't break the record from 2008.  The biggest ball of hair in the Guinness Book of World Records is 167 pounds.

Click here to see a photo of this huge hair ball.



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