Looking for a new hairstylist in the Kalamazoo area?  Here's a list of the best in Southwest Michigan.

In honor of National Hairstylist Day (April 25th, 2019) and after almost 1,500 nominations and over 14,000 votes here are your five favorite hairstylists in the Kalamazoo area.

#5.  Angela Mabus at Moxie Hair Salon and Spa in Portage

#4.  Cassandra Welch at Jude’s Barbershop in Kalamazoo

#3.  Marissa Pease at Coachlite in Portage

#2.  Katie Farris at Perfect Image in Plainwell (Last year's winner missed the top spot by just 0.2% of the vote this year.)

#1.  Barbara Cotton at LynnIvan in Battle Creek

Congrats to all of the talented hairstylists that were nominated this year.  You can see where your hairstylist landed in the full poll results below.

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