Do I smell an Ohio sequel to Footloose?

This isn't breaking news, but apparently there are people that are angered by the happiness of others.  So much so, that they would call the police on them.  Can you imagine, being in such a good mood during all of this pandemic stuff that you would bust a move in your car?  Well, that seemed dangerous to a passerby on May 12th in Strongsville, Ohio according to,

A concerned passerby called police after watching a weaving vehicle with a man driving and dancing on Pearl Road.

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Even though the caller claimed a man was taking his hands off the steering wheel to dance and was weaving all over the road, the police seemed to disagree.  The officer that responded to the call found the dancing driver.  It was his opinion that the dancing driver was driving safely.  We can only assume that the law enforcement officer went on to do important policing instead of responding to calls where fellow Buckeyes were attempting to ruin the day of a happy human.

However, should there be an investigation into why a man in Ohio is happy in the first place?  That's the real question here.  Ohio has violent brawls breaking out everywhere from a water park to a Chuck E. Cheese.

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