This Ohio Chuck E. Cheese might want to replace their ball pit with a mosh pit.

Multiple calls came into 911 on April 18th reporting a brawl involving at least 20 people and a gun at the family restaurant / arcade.  The fight was very heated and began with two children according to Fox 8,

Witnesses say the large fight started after two small children got into an altercation. Their mothers confronted each other, and one of them then spit in the other’s face.

The brutal fight took place at a Chuck E. Cheese in Mayfield Heights.  Police body cam footage catches the fight and the moment a handgun was discovered.  You can see the insanity below.

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A couple of the women were so heated they kept going after each other right in front of the Mayfield Heights police officers.  Tables were flipped, kids were screaming and adults were acting like children.  It was complete chaos.  In fact, it took 4 different law enforcement agencies to bring order to the family pizza place.

During this fight, 27-year-old Shekeerah Blair allegedly pulled a gun out of her purse and waived it around.  Blair does have a conceal carry permit.  However, she was charged with carrying a weapon into a prohibited place since guns are not allowed inside Chuck E. Cheese.  Four other women allegedly involved in the fight are also facing charges.  Simone Ware, Dominque Ware, Brittnie Hill and Desire Thomas are all charged with disorderly conduct.

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