A Youngstown, Ohio Burger King has web all over their faces.  

Police responded to an unusual burglary call Monday evening according to WIVB.com,

A Burger King employee told them a man walked into the restaurant and went into the bathroom. Moments later, he came out wearing a red Spiderman mask and holding a black gun.  The robber demanded money from the employee and left with some cash from the drawers, according to a police report.

With the amount of security cameras in most Burger Kings it is astonishing that they don't have clear video footage of the suspect before he walked into the bathroom to change into his super hero PJ's.

Right now police do not know the suspects whereabouts our the true identity of Spiderman.  They do know he left the scene of the crime in an older model, green four-dour sedan.  Maybe he headed back to Gotham.  Oh wait...that's Batman.