An Ohio man used the back of a document that had all of his personal info for his stick up note.

Listen, recycling can not only help you save money but it is also great for the planet.  But, reusing a document from your recent trip to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to write your stick up note when you rob a bank?  You must be an Ohio criminal.

Being robbed must be what nightmares are made of for bank tellers.  However, I do wonder if this U.S. Bank teller was trying to hold back laughter like a middle school student with the giggles in middle of class.  An FBI agent talks about that moment with Fox 8 Cleveland,

FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson said the teller was stunned and even referred to him as Michael during the robbery. Surveillance video confirmed it was Harrell.


The alleged bank robber, 54-year-old Michael Harrell, not surprisingly has been arrested.  I assume the FBI simply went to the address on the robbery note.

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