Stink bugs are here to stay

To many peoples relief, it was being reported that the polar vortex would wipe out 95 percent of the stink bug, but that is not the case. These little 'buggers' are pretty smart and they find warm places to cuddle up through the freezing winter temperatures. Virginia Tech entomologist Thomas Kuhar told the Detroit Free Press...

Severe sub-freezing temperatures will negatively impact winter survival of these stink bugs if they were unable to find suitable shelter such as inside of houses and sheds.

Now, it is true if the stink bug does not find a place like an attic or under the siding of a home the weather will take them out, but few find it difficult to find a safe place slumber through the winter months.

Here are some interesting facts about the stink bug from Wikipedia...

  • They have only been in the U.S. since 1998
  • They don't bite
  • They enjoy fruit
  • Even if you don't squish them, if you handle them wrong they will release a smell

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