She collects teeth for cash, of course she deserves a day

February 28th is the day we celebrate the little imp that would sneak into our rooms at night and make an exchange. our old teeth for cash! But did you know that the cash value of a tooth is going down?

According to Marketwatch children are getting on the average $3.25 per tooth today. Which is a decrease from Baby Boomers who received a nice pay day of $5.77! I remember getting a shinny 50 cent piece which I loved, but check out what Wikipedia says other kids have to look forward too...

In some Asian countries, such as IndiaChinaJapanKorea and Vietnam, when a child loses a tooth, it is customary for him or her to throw it onto the roof if it came from the lower jaw, or into the space beneath the floor if it came from the upper jaw. While doing this, the child shouts a request for the tooth to be replaced with the tooth of a mouse. This tradition is based on the fact that the teeth of mice grow for their entire lives, a characteristic of all rodents.

I enjoy America's traditions much more with cash under the pillow!

I was lucky enough to never have to pull out my own tooth or have swallowed one in my sleep but here are a 3 fun (if you can call it fun) ways to get that wiggle tooth out from from MNN...

  • The classic, 'String Tied to a Door' pull
  • The self-inflicted nerf gun pull (tie a string to the tooth and then tie the other the end to the foam bullet and shoot).
  • The Dog Pull (tie a string to the tooth then to a dogs collar and call the pup for a treat).

How ever it comes out I think it is a great mile stone for any kid! So as you lay your head on the pillow tonight thank the fairy that gave you memories!



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