There are many reasons why Michigan and Ohio shoppers stop at their local Target store. Most Target locations are a convenient one-stop shop for clothing, personal items, and groceries. But soon Target will enforce a new rule that may inconvenience shoppers at all Michigan and Ohio locations.

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Target Enforces New Rule For Shoppers At All MI And OH Locations

Target has recently made plenty of changes to its Michigan and Ohio locations including adding a new line of low-priced products and cutting costs on other products to help consumers stretch their dollar further. And one change at Michigan and Ohio Target stores and across the U.S., will now affect how you purchase items.

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According to a statement from a Target company spokesperson, the retailer will no longer accept checks as a form of payment:

“Due to extremely low volumes, we’ll no longer accept personal checks staring July 15. We have taken several measures to notify guests in advance to aid an easy and efficient checkout experience.”

Customers can still send checks through the mail to pay their Target Circle Card credit balance. Target isn't the first retailer to no longer accept checks as payment. According to their websites, Aldi and Whole Foods no longer accept checks as payment at their locations. Recent research suggests that only 1 percent of consumers prefer to use checks for in-store purchases at retail stores or restaurants in the U.S.

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