Have you ever heard people describe animals as the embodiment of love? Well, this cat lives up to that expectation.

Say hello to Dunkin! A tiny ball of fluff that is alllllll about the cuddles. The speed at which she popped out of her crate and into Katie's arms was impressive to say the least.

I loved this little kitty. She's about 4-5 months old, full of energy, super friendly and truly...just wants you to constantly pet her. Dunkin is up to date on her shots and ready for her forever home! And I'm not exaggerating about the cuddles. Dunkin was so focused on snuggling Katie's neck that Katie had to hold her like this in order to take a picture. 😂

Dunkin 2

If you're interested in adopting Dunkin and have other animals in the home the SPCA of SW Michigan always recommends a meet and greet. Otherwise, Dunkin would be great in any home! You can set up your meet and greet and find more information on adoption here. Keep in mind, if Dunkin isn't for you there are SO many animals waiting for their forever homes right now at the SPCA.

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If you want to help but can't adopt:

That's okay! There are plenty of ways to help the SPCA of SW Michigan. For example:

  1. You can foster! Fostering gives animals the socialization they need to be ready for their forever homes. The SPCA takes care of medical and food expenses and there are a variety of animals that need fostering. Especially, baby animals. Springtime is baby puppy/kitten season and the SPCA is going to need all the help they can get. Find out more about fostering here.
  2. You can volunteer! If you have a few spare hours throughout your week the SPCA is always in need of volunteers. That includes walking dogs, IT work, front desk work and more. Find more information on volunteering here.
  3. You can donate! Noticing some great buy one get one deals on cleaning supplies or pet food? Consider donating that freebie to the SPCA of SW Michigan. They have a list of supplies they're always in need of. You can find it here. As well, you can always donate monetarily too.

And, at the end of the day, if all you can do to help is share this story so Dunkin can find her forever home, that is appreciated!

We feature a new animal from the SPCA of SW Michigan every week for Dog Days. Follow along Thursdays at 7:35am on air and on Facebook Live as well. And, if you'd like to stay up to date on events from the SPCA and adoptable animals make sure you follow them on Facebook!

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