McDonald's ice machine wasn't the only thing breaking down last week. This customer had a break down too.

We've all been there, right?  We've all had disappointing fast food experiences.  However, it sounds like this one was easily avoided.  Not to mention, it never needs to escalate to a temper tantrum.  Honestly, it really never ever has to go that far.  We're grown ups, right?

Last Saturday evening the ice machine broke down at the McDonald's on Michigan Ave in Dearborn.  When this customer approached the drive-thru speaker to order she was told immediately that there was no ice.  At that point she can make the decision on whether to go somewhere else, have a drink with no ice or to just not order a drink.  What she chose to do was order a drink then lose her mind when she "discovered" the lack of ice inside.

The angry Inkster woman demanded a full refund.  Which she did not get.  The woman then thru a temper tantrum according to Press & Guide,

The woman then became argumentative, and removed the coronavirus protective plexiglass barrier at the pick-up window, then reached inside the restaurant, shoving food trays and ketchup packages in anger. Her actions were captured on surveillance footage, which the police officers reviewed.

That's right, video surveillance.  People, before you break the law or act a fool, keep in mind you are likely being recorded.  There are cameras everywhere.  Imagine the last time you had a negative attitude with a fast food employee.  Now imagine you were forced to watch video footage of that moment after you cooled off.  Yeah, nobody wants that.  So, maybe we just shouldn't throw a fit when things don't go our way.  Especially when we're told ahead of time what to expect like this customer.

Speaking of this customer, she was cited for disorderly conduct and must appear in court.

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