Imagine you're up for a promotion when your employer finds an outstanding warrant in your background check.

That happened to a Charlotte woman according to the Lansing State Journal,

Mindy Jones, 27, learned of the warrant Tuesday afternoon after her boss conducted a background check she needed for a promotion.  Jones is charged with misdemeanor failure to return rental property, punishable by up to 93 days in jail or a $500 fine. The Charlotte Community Library pursued the charges.

I think we can all agree that seems extreme for overdue library books.  Especially when you learn that without knowing this arrest warrant existed, she turned the books in 6 months ago.  Sure, she turned them in late.  However, she's a single mom working a full-time job and had a hard time getting to the library when it was open.  You'd think the library would be understanding, right?  Not so much according to this Lansing State Journal story,

Marlena Arras, director of financial services for the Charlotte Community Library, said Jones is not telling the full story, but declined to elaborate.  Arras said the library notifies card-holders about overdue books when they're a week, two weeks, a month, three months and about four months overdue before turning the fines over to Eaton County's economic crimes unit.

As far as we know, the arrest warrant for Mindy Jones is still active.  There has been no public comment on this matter from the Eaton County Prosecutor's Office.

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