Valentine's Day is right around the corner and with the pressure of getting something unique looming over all of our heads, I've put together something that will take care of that problem and will also save you some money. One thing about this date is that woman care more about how much heart and thought you put into a gift rather than how much you spent.

I created some Michigan themed Valentine's Day cards that are the perfect side gift for someone you love here in the glove. Just wrap a tissue box in some "heart themed" wrapping paper like you did when you were in elementary school and pop these in there for an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift. Heck, you can even make your own:

TSM/Mark Frankhouse

You can't go wrong with a Detroit Tigers-themed card. It also reminds her that Spring is right around the corner.

TSM/Mark Frankhouse

This is for the lady in your life who likes her craft beer. Perfect gift for us in Kalamazoo.

TSM/Mark Frankhouse

Okay, come on. You can't resist the Faygo Valentine's Day card. It's gonna Rock N' Rye.


I mean, we kind of had it coming didn't we? No other metaphor can describe the amount of love you have for her like the depth of a pothole. 


I mean, considering how brutal our winters can be, that's pretty warm. 


So head out there and grab some photo paper, print these out and maybe some of your own for a unique and fun gift idea. No need to thank me.