Driving in Michigan has always been a huge debate, many people say we don't know how to drive here in the Mitten state. I think we drive just fine, but I don't think all of us know the rules of the road. Better yet, I don't think all of us follow the rules of the road and that leads to some messy situations, and the lawmakers and enforcers have been doing their best to make the roads safer for pedestrians, bikers, and other drivers.

There are many instances of children being hurt due to many drivers choosing to disobey a very important law. School Buses can be annoying sometimes, especially when you're in a rush. They drive slower than the average vehicle, they make frequent stops, and the kids take forever to get off the bus and cross the street. Nonetheless, bypassing the law here is not a smart idea.

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Now, in the state of Michigan, taking your chances to break this law may not be so good. According to an article on abc12.com, if you pass a school bus that has its red lights flashing it could cost you up to $500. School buses all over the state will be rigged with cameras that will be able to capture video of a car's make, model, and license plate. This information will be passed to the local police department, if found on the infraction the officer can choose to write you a citation for up to $500

Also, there's another law coming into effect before this school year starts and could also cost offenders upwards of $500 if caught. This law gives a little more power to the bus drivers in determining the safety of their buses. The new law says that bus drivers are given the discretion to decide who is and isn't allowed to be on their bus at any given time. Anyone found on the bus that shouldn't be or anyone who refuses to get off the bus may be fined up to $500 for their violation.

Next time you want to shave a few seconds off your commute, next time you're running late for work, or the next time you think you just don't have time for this, think about if you have an extra $500 sitting around. I don't know why anyone would want to get on a school bus anyway, but if any driver tells you that you can't be on their bus you should listen unless you have $500 to throw away.

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