The auto companies, and politicians agree, we need to make changes for the electric cars.

The auto companies have made the decision to commit to more electric cars in America's future. Mlive reported...

General Motors is planning to launch 20 new electric vehicles globally by 2023, and Ford recently announced a $500 million investment into the Michigan-based electric vehicle startup Rivian.

Sen. Mallory McMorrow, D-Royal Oak, said in a statement...

No other state has the history, talent and capability to design and build the next generation of electric vehicles, but we need to have the infrastructure in place to support that development.

The biggest issue that is being discussed regarding electric cars is where to go to have them charged. Sure you can do it at home, but what if you are traveling?

Sen.  McMorrow was backed by Sen. Kim LaSata, (R-Bainbridge Twp.), who sponsored one of the bills to add charging stations to state parks. She said in a statement...

Having charging stations at parks would be

both good for the economy and environment as more drivers switch to electric vehicles and need charging options.

So the conversation has turned to where to juice up the electrical vehicles and the idea of state parks carpool lots have been brought into the discussion. It is exciting to see where the charging stations pop up.

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