North Portage has lost a local favorite as Jaspare's Pizza has shut down the Sprinkle Road store.

A member of the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook group noticed that Jaspare's Pizza had, indeed, vanished. I stopped by to confirm that the Sprinkle Road storefront is littered with takeout boxes and the booths are dusty and empty with chairs placed upside-down on top. The Jaspare's website still lists the Portage restaurant, along with locations in Kalamazoo, Vicksburg, Lawton and Mendon.

Since 1977, Jaspare's has been making pizzas and serving fine Italian food. The franchise came to Portage in 2009 and moved to 5965 S. Sprinkle Road in 2011. Here's what people are saying:

  • Nothing stays very long in that location on Sprinkle.
  • They're not going to close. Sprinkle will reopen.
  • They do a good business with Lunch but not enough business at night.
  • The one on gull road said they closed over night bad mangers but they will be back open
  • There are 4 other locations, and they are franchised...gull rd and vicksburg are not going anywhere anytime soon!! I know both owners and they make a great living.
  • Boy everytime you turn around something is closing. Kind of depressing!
  • We were told that the Gull Road owner was going to open the Sprinkle Road one back up in the fall.

So, it looks like the story may not be over yet. We'll keep an eye on the pizza pie and see what develops.

Photo: Bobby Guy
Photo: Bobby Guy