Despite being shot at this Holland, Michigan man would not give up his bag during armed robbery.

I don't get the appeal of Louis Vuitton bags.  I'm not being gender specific here.  In general, carrying something around that is covered in the manufacture's logos seems like you're paying hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to advertise someone else's product.  But clearly, there are people that love these designer bags.  So much so, that this Holland man was willing to fight an armed gunman off to keep his bag.  According to Wood TV 8,

The robbery attempt happened around 5 p.m. Monday as the victim walked along Riley Street west of US-31 in Holland Township. Authorities say would-be robber pulled a gun on Kluting, demanded the bag and fired at least three shots from a handgun.

This sounds like the Seinfeld "Man Purse" episode gone wrong.  Very, very wrong.


The 21-year-old suspect has been found and arrested.  If you're in an armed robbery situation, police encourage you to give up property and to not risk your life.





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