"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign," as the old song goes. There's only one place you would ever see this one-of-a-kind posting.

Unless you live here, you don't understand. Holland's Herrick District Library has a unique sign that might leave visitors scratching their head or going to the information desk with questions. You'll only see the sign posted at the end of April through May of every year, coinciding with the city's Tulip Time Festival.

A part of celebrating Holland's Dutch heritage are the klompen dancers who wear authentic costumes, complete with wooden shoes. As you might guess, these shoes can be very loud- especially in a library. Don't worry about the dancers, though, as they wear multiple layers of socks to keep the shoes from flying off their feet while they are performing.

Tulip Time Festival 2019 happens May 4-12 and will include a return home for Good Morning America's Ginger Zee who is from West Michigan.

Bonus Video: An Attempt to Set a World Record for Klompen Dancing

h/t MLive

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