One of the best things about living in Michigan is summer on the lake. Swimming, boating, and fishing are just a few of our water-loving activities in one of the thousands of beautiful lakes across the state. The clearest and deepest lake in the entire state will have you feeling like you're floating in an island paradise in Michigan.


This Is Michigan's Deepest and Clearest Lake In The Entire State

Outside of the Great Lakes that make up Michigan's iconic shape, are the state's nearly 11,000 inland lakes with many covering over 1,000 acres or more. While the Great Lakes attract plenty of attention, there's one inland lake deeper than a Great Lake and as clear as the Caribbean Sea.

According to World Atlas, Torch Lake has an average depth of 111 feet and a maximum depth of 285 feet. That makes it deeper than Lake Erie, which has an average depth of 62 feet and a maximum depth of 210 feet.

Also known as the 'Caribbean of the North', Torch Lake is a popular summertime destination known for its incredibly pure turquoise waters, white sand, and its 2-mile sandbar at its south end.

Besides having bragging rights for swimming in Michigan's deepest and clearest lake, Torch Lake offers plenty of activities such as canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding and fishing, ski boats, and jet skis. Torch Lake in Antrim County deserves a spot on your Michigan Summer bucket list that is sure to become a summertime tradition.

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