In the bus driver's defense, we're talking about Little Caesars breadsticks.  But seriously, parents are upset.

Imagine your kids coming home from school and telling you the bus driver stopped at a Little Caesars outside Detroit and left the doors unlocked and engine running.  Would that tick you off?

That's exactly what happened in Ferndale, Michigan on Sept 7th.  One of the parents got an unexpected response when they contacted the police according to,

"The police officer said 'It's not really a police matter,'" Rey recalled to WXYZ. "And I said 'So you mean to tell me that I can leave my car running with my children in it, get out and go into the store, and I'm not going to get in trouble?' He said 'Well, no, not really. I don't see why not? Depends on the age of the child.'"

Lieutenant Brian Buchholz with the Hazel Park Police Department told ABC News they talked to the sergeant who spoke with Rey. Since the reported incident did not take place in their city, but in the city of Ferndale, they did not consider the issue their jurisdiction.

To make the story even stranger, the bus driver confronted the student who "told on him."

Is it acceptable for a bus driver to stop at a pizza place and leave students unattended in a running, unlocked bus?  Let us know in the facebook comments or on twitter.


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