Apparently, Michiganders and Buckeyes were very thirsty on election night.

From finding ways to relieve stress to binging on our favorite comfort food, a lot of us were finding ways to self medicate during the election.  The good people at decided to crunch Google Trend numbers on Election night and what they found was eye-opening.  They analyzed the number of searches for "liquor stores near me," liquor stores that deliver" and "liquor store near me open right now."

Before we get to the drunkest and most sober states during the election.  Let's talk about where Michigan and Ohio fall on this list.

Michigan was #6.  On election night Michiganders were on the hunt for for the hooch.  How much do you want to bet that Michigan was #1 on this list the day after election day?  We watched Biden come from behind and slowly take over the state of Michigan.  That was followed by a crowd of people that don't understand how life works invading polling places demanding the vote count to stop.  Oh, then there's the come from behind victory in the Senate race for Gary Peters as it looked like John James was a lock.

Ohio was #7.   From their Big Ten college team to their politics, the Buckeye state has always been red.  It's no surprise that Trump took Ohio by a little over 8% of the vote.  So, why were you so thirsty Ohioans?


As you can see on the map above Rhode Island was the drunkest state according to the google searches on election night.  Zippia pointed out their surprise at the fact that Rhode Islanders were 99 times more likely to search for a nearby liquor store than the Louisiana, who ranked at the bottom of this list.  I think the reason is obvious.  People in Louisiana already know where their favorite liquor store is.  That's no shade on the voo-doo capital of our great nation.  If you've ever been to New Orleans you understand that Louisiana is a saucy state.

To see how all 50 states ranked click here.

Did you get your drink on during the election?  Let us know in the comments.

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