In a time where everything feels unsure, Meijer is providing some relief for our local teachers.

Just like that, the school year is here. For parents of children returning to school, the list of necessary school supplies can be extensive. Especially in 2020. That list is even longer for teachers who now have to incorporate PPE, sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes to their daily routine. Most teachers will have to purchase these items with money from their own pocket. In fact, according to a study published last year, Michigan public school teachers spend more out of pocket on supplies than every other state except for California. That adds up to an average of $628 per teacher. That's NOT including the newly added cost of sanitizer.

Meijer just stepped up to make purchasing those supplies a bit more affordable. In a recent statement, published by 7 Up Front WXYZ, Brandon Pasch, Director of Back to School Merchandising for Meijer said,

There are so many uncertainties as teachers head back to classes and we've heard the plans may change throughout the year, so our goal is to help them shop with confidence whenever they need to refill supplies

Instead of a lone "back to school" holiday week where tax free options may be available, Meijer has announced a 15% discount to teachers for the entire school year. That applies to notebooks. glue, markers, post-its, sanitizer and disinfectant wipes among other things.

Teachers who want to take advantage, as all should, can present a paper coupon and will need to have their Teacher I.D.

Some restrictions do apply. You can find all the info here.

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