This is the kind of article you would expect to see from The Onion or The Hart Times, but no. This is a real news story. Detroit native Henry Ford, 49, is being sought by Detroit Police for stealing cars across metro Detroit, according to WXYZ. Police said he served prison time for the crime , but then Ford cut off his tether and is now on the run again.

Deputy Aaron Garcia has a lot to say about Ford, who was known for stealing GPS units out of cars: "Henry Ford, wanted for robbing cars, come on man this don’t make sense. This guy's a thief. He’s been a thief his whole life, he went to prison being a thief, and now he’s back out. He was on parole, still continuing to be a thief. So Henry Ford, he’s stealing GPS units out of vehicles, he’s stealing tires, he’s robbing these cars. He has a criminal history of receiving stolen property three times, assault with a deadly weapon - felonious assault, possession of burglary tools and larceny of motor vehicles times three."

There’s a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of Henry Ford. You can call the Marshals anytime at (313) 234-5656.

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