Everyone has their fingers crossed with the start of football both in Michigan and across the country. Reports of athletes testing positive for Covid-19 have been almost common this summer in major league baseball. Now as Michigan high schools attempt to restart both academics and sports, some positive test results are becoming public. It's too early to tell how the NFL season will go, as play just began Thursday night, but after this weekend, we'll have a better idea how that's going to go.

That being said, one thing that is a positive is the charitable efforts of organizations like the Detroit Lions. Detroit Lions Charities announced that six high schools programs will be recipients of a total grant of $100,000 (along with $3,000 worth of milk from a grocery sponsor) The program is "Touchdown in Your Town". Locally, Lawton High School is one of the six recipients.

An MLive story says years of fund-raiser have been channeled by the team and its player to more "worthy" needs, but over time, the program's equipment has gotten worn.

After a Lawton coach found the program on the internet, the application was made, and now new helmets, shoulder pads and gym equipment is on its way. Maybe most memorable for the current players will be a "chalk talk" with a Lions player or one of the team's legends.

The Lions' 2020 season begins Sunday. They probably have more fans today than they did yesterday in Lawton. Deservedly so.

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