How many times do we need to remind you, when the sign says Road Closed - stay off. A motorcyclist driving I-69 in a construction zone near Lansing yesterday (August 20) didn't heed any of the signage warning of a closed lane.

The biker appears to have been riding his chopper right into a bed of fresh concrete causing a wide gouge in the freshly poured pavement.

The Michigan Department of Transportation shared these photos on Facebook with the caption:

Did you lose a motorcycle yesterday driving on I-69 in #ClintonCounty? Remember to always drive safely in work zones and do not use closed lanes to pass slowed traffic - you never know where concrete might be curing.

They ominously remind the motorcyclist

You can pick your bike up at the impound, where the police will be waiting.

Ironically enough, the bike was a "Stealth." Apparently it's difficult to keep that stealthy cloaking when covered in concrete.

Bike covered in concrete
Michigan Department of Transportation via Facebook

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