road construction

Good News. Major I-94 Kalamazoo Expansion Starts Monday
Jokingly, we all know the two constants in life are death and taxes. However, during a pandemic, that is all too real, and certainly not a source for humor, just a wry observation. In the same breath, any Michigander knows, you can add road construction to that combo.
'Penetrator' Resurfacing Project Starts Monday
Normally getting word of a road construction project would at least get a mild chagrin, but with everything we're dealing with now, it's actually welcome news that promises that someday we may get back to good. And besides, there's little if any traffic these days, so do it now.
More Traffic Heartache As M-43 Bridge Repairs Begin Monday
It's already August and we've pretty much weather a couple of hot spells, so what's a little traffic inconvenience now? You can dream about snow flurries while your foot is on and off the brake pedal. (Any by the time, this project wraps up, there just might be snow flurries.)

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