This video of a cashier singing a Maxwell song at the Dollar General in Lansing while helping customers will blow your mind.

Nakia Robinson of Lansing posted the video with the following comment,

Facebookers in the city of Lansing! Check out my fav cashier at Dollar General across from Silverstone! THIS MAN CAN SING! If y'all need someone to sing at a wedding or some other kind of function, check him out! #AndThisIsNotHisBestBTW

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Lucas Holliday.

There's something even more powerful about the fact that you just don't expect THAT voice to come out of that face.  Incredible!  Customers should be throwing money at him!!!!  He even has a pop star name!

Do you know a person who's voice doesn't match the face when they sing?

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