Friday I introduced you to a Lansing cashier who could sing like nobody's business.  Over the weekend, the entire World noticed.  Wait til you see what happened next.

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Since Nakia Robinson posted this video of Lucas Holliday singing "Ascension" by Maxwell.  The world began listening.

For example, Maxwell posted this on his FaceBook page...

[UPDATE] Good Morning America Appearance with a Maxwell Surprise!

Actress Gabrielle Union chimed in on Twitter:


Nakia Robinson, who shared this video of blue eyed soul at it's finest, recently said on Facebook,

So, did I just speak to a producer from Good Morning America?!?!?!? Wowwwwwwww

I personally have never witnessed a person go so viral, so fast.  There is no way to track how many views the video has received.  There are multiple copies floating around on the internet.  It's safe to say that it is in the millions!

According to Huffington Post,

It turns out Holliday sings in a Lansing-based band, Tell Yo Mama. You can listen to more of them here. Meanwhile, next time we’re in Lansing, the Dollar General is going to be our first stop.

I have no doubt this guy is gonna go far.  Best of luck Lucas Holliday.  Don't forget about your Michigan peeps when you're huge! #BlueEyeSoul


Bonus Video: Official Morning Mayhem Trailer 

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