Following in his Dad's footsteps, Robert James (Richie Jr.) is releasing his first album

This past week Kid Rocks's son Robert James Richie Jr. released his first video 'Exstacy' from debut album. One might expect that the son of Detroit's most famous rocker might put out a rock album but that is not the case. The album is differently R&B love song and the video does not disappoint!


Robert James Official Video for 'Exstacy'

Kid Rock twittered after the video was released...

He sure can sing and I am very proud of him!!

That has got to be a great moment when your Rock Star Dad puts his stamp of approval on your work. In fact, The Detroit News stated in an interview with the young artist ...

"an unsigned indie artist with a celebrity for a parent. He works a day job at the Apple store but says his heart is in his music. "

The article went on to say that Robert James does not want to ride on the coat tales of his famous Father. Hats off to him for being true to himself and his own talent. I can't wait to see how the album is received, and I can't wait to hear the whole album.


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