Humans LOVE fireworks, pets fear them. Help keep your animals safe this 4th.

Every year around this time, it seems that I hear a tragic story about a pet being spooked and runs off only to be hit by a car or lost for all time. That breaks my heart. The 4th of July is supposed to be a joyous time, not one of sadness. As pet owners we all know how stressful fireworks can be for a pet so I discovered some great information for us and our sweet fuzzy friends.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety did not forget to put a list together for our fur-babies

Safety Tips For Your Pet This Holiday

  • Don’t bring your pets to a fireworks display, even a small one.
  • If fireworks are being used near your home, put your pet in a safe, interior room to avoid exposure to the sound.
  • Make sure your pet has an identification tag, in case it runs off during a fireworks display.
  • Never shoot fireworks of any kind (consumer fireworks, sparklers, fountains, etc.) near pets.

A great solution for animals with high anxiety is use a 'Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket'

Applies gentle, constant pressure, similar  to swaddling an infant.

There are some solutions that are simple like the Thundershirt. I myself have not spent the money on a Thundershirt, but I did take my Fathers advice and I wrap my dog Olive in a towl and secure it hair clips (not very fancy but it does the job).

I hope everyone, furry or not has a great 4th of July.


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