Can you believe the staff at Penn Station would not accept a tip?!

On Sunday evening (a holiday weekend) I stopped up at the Penn Station on Gull road to treat myself to one of their toasted subs.

This weekend is a traditionally known as a time for cooking out with friends and family while honoring those that have bravely served for our country. Yet, there are some of us who have to keep the shop open and work over the holidays.

I felt bad that the crew was working and asked to put a tip on my debit card, the gentleman working polity nodded and went back to making fresh fries (so yummy) to complete my order. When presented with my bill there was no place to write in a tip. I frantically dug through my purse to find the odd dollar bill and or some change to give them a tip. I came up with a whopping $2.20, I started to apologize to the guy working when he explained that Penn Station has a policy to NOT accept tips. WHAT?!?!? These great people are serving me, working on a holiday and they can not accept tips?!?!

I begged the man to accept my small tip and he refused (with a smile on his face no less). I took my sandwich and  left the pitiful excuse for a tip on the counter.

When I am treated so kindly with great serve and food, those who took care of me should be rewarded. I am just sorry that I could not compensate those wonderful people for their time and energy.

I will always attempt to tip servers, I guess I will just have to be more sneaky about it.

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