I want it back!!

Saturday morning was so beautiful that I decided to take a bike ride, and enjoy the weekend. When I  stepped outside to my patio to unchain my bike it was GONE! The chain had been cut and taken along with my old faithful ride.

This was not a fancy bike, it had many dents from unfortunate falls and plenty of rust from years of abuse...but it was mine!

I have had this bike since I was a sophomore in college, it was gift from Santa and I LOVED it! I have so many great memories that involve this hunk of metal.

I remember one time when biking home from work I blew out my front tire. Not wanting to destroy the rim and considering that the temperature was in the 90's I called my Dad for ride home. My Dad was about 2 miles away and said he was on his way. I picked up my bike and started hoofing it (I was about a mile away from home). When I was 3 houses away from mine, my Dad showed up. He jumped out of the car and took the bike off my shoulder. I was so angry, and I said "Where the H#&& have you been"? He just said "Paige wanted an iced coffee". Paige is my niece and my Dads youngest Granddaughter...I just started to laugh. My angry turned to giggles, my Dad was running late because he wanted to spoil one of his girls...that is a wonderful memory that I cherish.

The bike does not hold those memories, I do. Yet, sometimes well biking, or simply looking at that banged up bike I remember moments.

The bike is not worth anything financially, but it means the world to me.

Please return the bike where you took it from, I will not call the police or ask for a new lock...just bring my bike back.


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