We're all looking forward to the end of winter and with 60 degree days like we will have tomorrow, it almost feels like it's almost over with. But with the impending end of winter is the inevitable rise of the expected, construction to repair the roads the winter weather ruined. Driving down Riverview the other day I had to avoid two massive potholes located on the shoulder headed downtown.

MLive reports that The city of Kalamazoo's Department of Transportation and Consumers Energy both have invested millions of dollars for projects planned from April through October of 2018. Commuters can expect to see the most road maintenance during June, July, and August.

$2 million in improvements funded by the city of Kalamazoo expect to fix to sections of Rose Street and Pitcher Street, according to Public Services Director James Baker. While MDOT will be funding the repairs to Park Street, Westnedge Avenue and the East Michigan Avenue bridge over the Kalamazoo River.

The construction is expected to begin on April 9th and run all the way through August 24th. Pitcher Street, from Kalamazoo Avenue to Michigan Avenue, will have new traffic/pedestrian signals, crosswalks, and bump-outs installed at the intersections. This change was made to make the intersection safer for pedestrians.

The East Michigan Avenue bridge will be closed for 60 days to make structural, deck work, and water-proofing repairs. Park Street and Westnedge Avenue from Michigan to Hopkins will see milling and new asphalt by its completion.





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