When we are in a scenario where we're in danger we are operating in our flight or flight complex. This complex says that in scenarios where we are in danger, others are in danger, or danger presents itself that there will be three choices that every person makes. They will either stand there and fight to defend themselves and others, they will run to safety which is also known as taking flight, or they may go into shock and not move at all.

Tiktok is making yet another appearance as this platform has continued to be used for content to entertain the masses. Granted, it's an app that has been around for a while but didn't really gain traction until about 2018 or 2019, now almost everyone has a Tiktok page. You can search just about anything and tons of related videos will come up and after searching Kalamazoo, I was amazed at what I found.

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House fires can be scary moments, moments where our fight or flight complex is thrust into action and decisions are made quickly. Everyone doesn't always spring into action but for others, it is their natural reaction. Most parents, regardless of their natural reaction have conditioned themselves to save their children first before themselves.

One mother was attempting to save two of her children from a burning apartment building and lost her life in the process. As she rests peacefully her soul knows that she did everything she could and now her babies are both walking and breathing due to heroics from herself and nearby neighbors.

A Kalamazoo native and former football player for Kalamazoo Central High school was in attendance and played a huge role as a helping hand. He was captured on video saving the life of the woman's daughter as the mother dropped her from the burning balcony. On a Tiktok posted by a user (@maxprepsofficial) that you can see below shows the heroic events:

@maxprepsofficial Former WR Phillip Banks of Kalamazoo Central (MI) made the catch of his life! 👏 #amazing#save (Albert Bell III)#savedalife#incredible#catch#hero♬ original sound - NdoJJ ✪.
As you saw in the video above the mother drops the baby girl over the balcony as Phillip Banks and another male run up to catch the falling toddler. Banks is the one who's able to grab ahold of her and carry the little girl to safety. In the meantime, mom goes back inside to look for her other child who had already run out of the building at the time. Phillip's quick actions saved a life that day and will forever be remembered. 

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