I'll be running my first 5K at this year's Kalamazoo Marathon.  Am I crazy?

Recently, in a meeting here at the radio station I said out loud, "I should run the 5K at this year's Kalamazoo Marathon."  Nobody stopped.  Nobody came to my aid to say, "Dana when you walk up the steps after this meeting you'll need to sit down and rest."

So this is happening.  I will be running...without someone chasing me.

Right after I made this announcement this morning I received a text from my fiance' Suzannah, "I Know I'm going to regret this...I will run the 5k with you."  OK, this got real!  I'm hoping to get a little help from my friend Biggest Loser's Danni Allen.

Who's with us?  Anyone else wanna run their first 5K?  The Kalamazoo Marathon and Borgess 5K Run is Sunday May 8th.  I need to get busy!

I won't be running a full marathon.  However, I do picture it being a little bit like this.

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