...A Port-A-Potty...What?!?

Well enjoying lunch outside on the patio of Market on Michigan Avenue, I saw something fly through the air that astounded me! It was a sight to be seen. I am guessing that it makes sense to load the Port-A-Potty via crane into the Exchange Building downtown. Yet, you never expect to see a sight such as this above you.


I am assuming that is was a fresh Port-A-Potty (at least I hope so, since I was eating outside). I guess I never knew how the cans got up to top stories in a building, but it is a great idea.

Could you imagine if the crew decided to play a prank on a co-worker, and someone was in the john as it took flight?! I didn't hear screams for help so I assume the stall was vacant at the time of flight, but that would have be funny!

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