Follow these simple tips and you will find yourself and others much happier at the stall 

Ribfest is the Kalamazoo festival that tops all other festivals in Southwest Michigan! An awesome time is always had by all, but here are a few tips to make the experience better for everyone! Port-a-potty etiquette. We all use them, so lets be kind to each other!

Here are some rules...

1. Don't be distracted when in line: While waiting to use the loo it is easy to get in a conversation or take a few selfies, but remember people are waiting for you. So pay attention, when it is your turn, you are ready to step in.

2. Don't dilly dally while in the potty: Remember their are others waiting to step in and handle their business. Plus, the festival is going on and people have places to be, you taking to long will upset others.

3. Don't put the toilet lid down: As with every bathroom, you want to touch as few things as possible. Lifting up a lid is not something anyone wants to do.

4. Keep it clean: Make sure you put the paper products in the proper disposal area (ladies, this is an important point when dealing with feminine  products). In the end, no one wants to touch another persons garbage.

5. One at a time: No matter how bad you have to go, it is one at a time in an outhouse. Heck, it's crowded and hot, so just wait your turn.

No on looks forward to using a port-a-potty, so if you have kind to those that will come behind you.

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