Raise your hands to all you see because it is National High Five DayAccording to nationaldaycalendar.com  the third Thursday in April, should be observed because it is National High Five Day.

This is a fun day where you can “High Five” everyone that you see.

There are so many rumors of who started the official high-five, but no facts can be proven. In fact Wikipedia.com states that...

Magic Johnson once suggested that he invented the high five at Michigan State, presumably in the late 1970s. Others have suggested it originated in the women's volleyball circuit of the 1960s.

I love the thought that it was a Michigan man that started this fun national trend!

Alternative gestures rather than giving someone a high five...

  • fist bump
  • fanny slap
  • fist pump
  • end zone dance
  • chest bump

Different variations of the "High Five"

  • the low five
  • giving skin
  • slapping skin
  • fist bump
  • self high five (yes that is a real thing)
  • slap me five


The worst thing about a high five is if someone "keeps you hanging". Wikipedia.com explains the insult as...

If one initiates a high five (or any variation thereof) by offering a hand(s), and no reciprocal hand appears to consummate the gesture, the initiator is said to have been "left hanging". This could be interpreted as an insult, friendly joke or form of enlightenment, depending on the context of its use.

As you all might know, my favorite high five is the "self high five", and yes it is a real thing! Wikipedia.com explains the move...

 The action consists of raising one hand, generally the right hand, and tagging it with the other.

Wikipedia.com goes on to explain that...

It was often used by Diamond Dallas Page as part of his persona, such as in his WCW theme song "Self High Five". 


See, I am not that crazy, just rewarding myself (even though Dana Marshall does think I am a tad nutty)!

So, today raise your hand and give a high five to someone you like!


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