Losing a pet is one of the most stressful, heartbreaking, and potentially devastating thing someone can go through. Are they wandering the streets? Are they stuck in a shelter somewhere? Are they hungry? Thirsty? Cold? It's a nightmare. We always hope for a happy ending and, thankfully, one Kalamazoo couple got theirs.

Reported by WWMT News Channel 3, Debra and Steven Mejeur were traveling through Illinois, visiting with friends in Elk Grove Village back in October of 2017. That's when their dog, Lola, wandered off. Distracted by a bird, a stray cat? Who knows.

The couple spent the next month looking for her with no success and eventually gave up hope of ever seeing her again. According to a recent Facebook post from Debra, her previous cover photo was that of Lola with angel wings because they assumed the worst. As all of us would, I'm sure.

But, that all changed last Saturday when Debra received a phone call that reduced her to tears. Lola had been found wandering outside by a couple in Glendale Heights, Illinois. She was turned into DuPage County Animal Services and, thanks to Lola's microchip, Dupage County Animal Services was able to contact Debra and Steve to give them the good news: Lola was coming home.

Two days ago, Lola was reunited with her owners and, finally, was taken back home. Debra posted a live video on her Facebook page of the moment when Lola was reintroduced to them. If you need a good cry, trust me, this video will getcha. In the best way possible. 😭

This reunion story is a big reminder on the importance of microchipping your pets. Brian Krajewski, committee chairman of DCAS, said,

It’s extremely important to microchip your animal. If someone comes across a stray and brings them to us, we can scan them and reunite them with the family. If you don’t microchip, it’s a lot more difficult.

What was she doing for three years? We will probably never know. The important thing is, Lola is finally home.

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