It's not uncommon to come across road work when you live in the Midwest. Furthermore, those of us that live in Michigan have heard other Michiganders say that Road Work us the fifth season of the calendar year. Well this year, and at this very moment, that statement couldn't be more true for Kalamazoo. It seems that there is no way to escape the dreaded traffic that comes with road repairs.

I may be biased on which of these road work situations is the most frustrating to deal with but they all have their quirks that make the city of Kalamazoo scratch their heads. Every citizen in Kalamazoo has seemed to ask the same question in the last few weeks. Why is there construction on what seems like ever major road in the city at the same time. The city has had plenty of time to handle these different projects but they decide to do them all at the same time.

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Kilgore/Portage Chaos

This isn't a new project, but this arguably has to be the one that takes the cake as the most difficult and frustrating to deal with. The lanes are dwindled down to one on each side, plus you have to wind thru like a snake and all of this is just on portage road away from the actually road work. Once you reach the road work you have to navigate through potholes, piles of sand that blow into your windshield, weird sized lanes, and detours as only one exit and entrance ramp to I-94 is accessible.

Stadium/Howard Stupidity

I have ZERO clue what is going on at the corner of Stadium Drive and Howard Street but for some reason this intersection has been turned into a living nightmare. Obviously there are already the rugged train tracks, plus the potholes, and now we have somehow managed to make all four ways one lane and a turning lane. This has made traffic TREMENDOUSLY slower and no one has even seen them doing anything to improve the area.

Sprinkle Road Surprise

Just this week, the newest project has been started and somehow has added more trouble to my life. Now the construction has made its way to disrupting my daily commute. Sprinkle Road has been diminished down to one lane on each side for a solid two miles and there is no telling what they will be doing or how long the project will take. Rush hour, early morning, and lunch hour traffic is going to be one fun time for Kalamazoo drivers all over the city.

I'm truly baffled at the fact that I have to deal with all of this road work happening all over the city at the same time. This may be a sign that things are returning to normal as they have enough construction workers to have multiple projects going at once. I still think they should have spaced these projects out and had more people working on less projects to speed up the process overall. Either way the roads will be improved all over the city.

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