Just over a week ago, Steve Braithwaite was at 86% of his funding goal for the book which will be illustrated and published, documenting all the wild adventures the Big Banana Car has taken part in. Steve was excited to announce that his online funding campaign has met and exceeded it's intended goal, in order to get the first published set of books in circulation.

The cool thing about the book is that since the banana car's creation in 2011, it's been so many places and done so many cool things, that this book details just how much fun it's had. The stories in the book range from getting invited to a party at NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to being pulled over and told by a police officer in a little mountain town in West Virginia that "at that light back there you peeled out!"

Working with Steve on the book is an illustrator and ghostbuster from Portage, Anthony Snyder. The original goal was to raise $3,950, and as of this morning Steve has raised over $4,500 from nearly 200 backers. There are still a few Early Backer Specials left on his website, which is $12 and comes with a book autographed by both Steve and Anthony.

The fundraising campaign has an ultimate package, even leading up to the $100,000 donation, in which the mutant brothers will build you a bespoke automobile of your choosing (Within reason of course). Perhaps a carrot car, or a watermelon car. If I had the money to blow, I'd totally have them make me a pizza car.

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