When it comes to Steve Braithwaite, there are very few things he hasn't done in his unique Banana Car. He's travelled the country, and in the end is alway seen cruising the Kalamazoo area. He recently even had an official matchbox car replica made after it. But through all his travels and journeys, there's another first he's about to knock off the list. Steve is very close to having the funds to publish his first illustrated (cartoon) book.

The cool thing about the book is that since the banana car's creation in 2011, it's been so many places and done so many cool things, that this book details just how much fun it's had. The stories in the book range from getting invited to a party at NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to being pulled over and told by a police officer in a little mountain town in West Virginia that "at that light back there you peeled out!"

The book itself is being illustrated from an artist right here in Portage as well, so everything about the book is local. Steve found part time illustrator and local Ghostbuster Anthony Snyder to draw the book. Anthony chose an unsophisticated, cartoon-like style which is perfect for a book of this kind. His illustrations are, themselves, very whimsical and superbly capture the fun of driving a banana all across America.

Steve is collecting pre-orders on his website to fund the books first publishing. As of today he is 86% to his goal. For $12 you can receive a pre-order of the book and when it's made you'll receive an autographed copy. You can help fund the project on his website and also put in larger orders for more than one book.

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