If you've been feeling the need to show off your impressive knowledge of a wide range of things...good news. There are several places in the Kalamazoo area that host weekly trivia nights.

On Kalamazoo's Reddit, a user by the name of AdvanceDry2521 recently posed a question asking,

Hi I know I saw a post awhile ago regarding trivia night, there were two places but I can’t seem to find the post! I think it’s was Wednesday at 7? Anyone know anything about this? Lol thank you in advanced!

While they were trying to remember something specific, there are several trivia nights that you can compete in around the Kalamazoo area including Portage and Battle Creek too:


1. JB's Whiskey Old Style Grill 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

JB's Whiskey Old Style Grill, in Battle Creek, features free trivia every Wednesday night at 7 PM. According to their Facebook page, there are no size limits on teams and there are prizes to be won. Read more here.

2. Presidential Brewing Co. 

Located in Portage, Presidential Brewing Co. offers free trivia every Thursday night starting promptly at 6:30 PM. While there are no limits to a team's size, those participating must be 21+ years old. As well, they ask that contestants arrive at least 15 minutes early to get checked in. First-place winners will get a $25 gift card. Read more here.

3. LFG Gaming Bar 

LFG, in downtown Kalamazoo, is Kalamazoo's only retro gaming bar. They feature a general trivia night every Wednesday at 7pm. There is no entry fee and the top three teams all win prizes. Read more here.

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4. Revel and Roll West 

Revel & Roll West, off Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo, features a different-themed trivia night every Tuesday at 7 PM. It's free to join but, they ask that you call ahead to reserve your team at  269-488-3800. Or you can send them a DM. Find out more here.

5. Valhalla 

Valhalla, a meadery in Kalamazoo, hosts Pub Nerd trivia every Friday night at 7 pm. According to their Facebook event page, there's no need to sign up. Just show up ready to answer some trivia! Read more here.

6. Lucky Girl Brewing Co. Crossroads 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

A little way out from Kalamazoo, Lucky Girl Brewing Co. Crossroads in Paw Paw offers team trivia every Wednesday night at 7 PM. It's unclear if there's a team size limit or whether or not they award prizes for the winner. Find out more info or get in contact with Lucky Girl Brewing Co. here.

7. Final Gravity Brewing Company 

Final Gravity Brewing Company, in Kalamazoo, has featured trivia nights in the past. However, it's unclear if it's a weekly occurrence. They do feature a game night every Wednesday, which may include trivia, that you can read about here.

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